Signs & Writings

Martine Demal’s sculptures reach out to the very essence of life. For her, the artist’s work is a place for exchange. Interpreter of the human figure, which is absorbed by the volumes through which the artist revises the character of the form. Desiring power, her sculptures bring together stability and momentum, promising the invisible yet present in time. Within an order of structural elements where she has gradually revealed pathways, rhythms, she remains attentive to the motion of tensions. Martine Demal questions the material to awaken secret life, growing energies. Rooted in the ground, her sculptures reach skywards, seeking to free the mind from matter.
Lydia HarambourgHistorian and art critic

“Martine Demal’s sculptures have a soul.

Elements under tension, upright forms … ‘Signes et Ecritures’ transmits a powerful energy, the paradox of force and an equilibrium almost fragile being so subtle. Playing with shadow and light, with rhythm and vibration, the density of the volumes ultimately conquers space.

This artwork recalls the myth of the great totems of traditional clans. Interiority and duality of the body and soul emerge. Her writing, both concise and detailed, borrows enough from the imagination to escape the temporality of history.”

Sylvie Bettingerheritage consultant

Les Totems – 126 x 75 x 35 cm