Primary Forms

La Montagne – 46 x 30 x 30cm

“Always a determined woman. I get the feeling Martine was a sculptor before she was born. When I met her around a decade ago, I was surprised by the freshness of her many terracottas, each one more vibrant than the next. This is why Martine really caught my attention. I invited her to show her artworks at ERNEE regional art fair, where she won the Sculpture Prize. Over the years she has continued to evolve. Out of her demanding and unbelievable quest for abstraction gushes the inspiration of the contemporary architect. The presence of emotion as well as her anxiety achieves the most. Exacting is what makes Martine a true sculptor.”
Louis Derbrésculptor, September 1992

“Martine Demal’s sculptures evoke the fabled and mythical time of the creation of mankind. Out of primordial matter living forms come into being. You can feel the artist’s emotion in the modelling of representations. One resonance of the artworks in particular, linked to the artist’s deep introspection, echoes the mystery of the birth of humankind. Disrupting the real, the sculptures create a new space to perceive the vibrations of ‘archaios’, the very beginning of time. TThe truth of Martine Demal’s artistic work lies in the artist’s emotional need to recall origins. Hence her artworks have an absolute presence that leads us to the definition and meaning of being.

Martine Demal’s bronze sculptures express an utter sense of power and density related to her choice of materials. Hieratic pebblestones representing a sacred architecture featuring an almost rough and schematic form of human being; primary forms highlighted to the hilt; it’s as though Martine Demal’s artworks are proclamations by the sculptor on the need to surround oneself with these vital powers – both suspended and exalted by the play of secret forces – to awaken essential and deep-rooted feelings.”
Philippe TurellGalerie des origines, January 2017

Le Dolmen – 44 x 14 x 10 cm