Philippe Turrell

The sculptures of Martine Demal evoke the fabulous and mythical time of the creation of men. From primordial matter the forms of life are organized. The emotion of the artist is palpable in the modeling of representations. A particular resonance of the work, linked to this profound introspection of the artist echoes the mystery of the birth of humanity. The work becomes a rupture of the real and opens a new space to perceive the vibrations of the «  », the beginning. The truth of the artistic work of Martine Demal lies in this emotional necessity of the artist to recall the origins. His work thus has an absolute presence that leads us to the definition and sense of being.

The bronze sculptures of Martine Demal express a total feeling of power and density related to the choice of the material. Hieratic pebbles representing a sacred architecture with very sketched and schematic forms of the human, true highlighting of the primary forms, the works of Martine Demal are like a proclamation made by the sculptor of the need to be surrounded by these vital powers , both suspended and exalted by the play of secret forces, to awaken essential and deep feelings…

Philippe Turrel, Gallery of Origins, January 2017


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4 septembre 2020